Freight Forwarding

International freight forwarding


Efficient International Freight Forwarding for Global Connectivity

SinoArab specializes in efficient and reliable international freight forwarding services, ensuring your goods reach their intended destinations seamlessly. With our extensive experience in international logistics, we handle the complexities of cross-border shipping and allowing you to focus on your core business. Partner with SinoArab, and you're not only working with logistics experts but also collaborating with professionals committed to elevating your business operations to new heights.

Unlock Excellence in Logistics

Are you ready to take your supply chain to the next level? SinoArab is here to help. Contact us today to explore how our seamless solutions can transform your logistics operations and drive your business forward.


SinoArab's Freight Expertise

Explore SinoArab's comprehensive international freight forwarding services that transcend borders and deliver reliability. Our expertise encompasses three key sub-services: Ocean Freight, Air Freight, Land Freight. With SinoArab, your goods reach their destination seamlessly regardless of the mode of transport.

Ocean freight solutions


SinoArab's Ocean Freight Expertise

Ocean freight is a fundamental pillar of global trade, facilitating the movement of goods between the international ports. SinoArab’s Ocean Freight service acts as strategic intermediary, orchestrating streamlined shipping processes. Serving as bridge between shippers and transportation services, we secure vessel space, manage vital documentation, and ensure meticulous customs clearance. Our ultimate objective is to optimize shipping efficiency, minimize costs, and ensure secure and punctual delivery of goods across vast oceans. Embrace SinoArab as your partner for efficient and reliable ocean freight forwarding.
Air freight solutions


SinoArab's Advanced Air Freight Services

SinoArab’s Air Freight service offers a comprehensive logistics solution for the swift and efficient transportation of goods through the skies. Our approach manages every aspect of the shipping process, encompassing customs clearance, insurance, and all vital logistics requirements. With SinoArab as your partner, your goods are handled with precision from takeoff to touchdown, ensuring secure and timely deliveries worldwide. Experience the future of air freight logistics with SinoArab’s expert solutions. SinoArab’s expert solutions, shaping a new horizon in efficient cargo transport.
Domestic trucking solutions


SinoArab's Domestic Trucking

SinoArab’s Land Freight service is your dedicated partner for orchestrating efficient rail transportation of your goods. This specialized logistics solution manages shipping process, from initiation to conclusion, including crucial aspects like customs clearance & insurance. Land Freight Forwarding is ideal for businesses requiring cost-effective movement of sizable shipments over long distances. It strikes balance between speed & affordability, offering streamlined approach that reduces shipping costs & addresses potential transportation challenges. Partner with SinoArab to confidently navigate land routes with comprehensive Land Freight service.
Container drayage solutions


SinoArab's Container Drayage

At SinoArab, our Container Drayage service takes complexities out of moving shipping containers. We use smart planning, like coordinating overnight pickups, to save you money and time. Our trucks come equipped with advanced equipment to make loading and unloading fast and easy, whether you’re at a regional port, a border crossing, or a terminal. We’re here to simplify your logistics, ensuring that containers get where they need to be swiftly and without hassle. Choose SinoArab for efficient and cost-effective container transportation solutions. Our Container Drayage service is all about precision and efficiency.
Customs clearance solutions


SinoArab's Expert Clearance

At SinoArab, our Customs Clearance service ensures your goods swiftly navigate the customs process. Our meticulous attention to detail means your freight doesn’t get stuck at the docks. We handle everything for you, from paperwork to port fees, making the process straightforward. We double-check the classifications and ensure all the necessary forms are in perfect order, guaranteeing that your shipment clears customs efficiently and at the most cost-effective rate. With SinoArab, your cargo experiences a hassle-free journey through customs, ensuring it reaches you without unnecessary delays. Trust us to simplify the complexities of customs clearance for your peace of mind.
Warehousing & distribution solutions


SinoArab's Warehousing & Distribution Expertise

Our warehousing facilities in California, Dubai and Dammam are located in the busiest and most centralized port regions. What this means for you is practical warehousing and rack storage space solutions so we can accommodate your short-term, seasonal, or fluctuating space requirements.
Cargo insurance solutions


SinoArab's Cargo Insurance

Did you know that carriers may not cover the full value of lost or damaged goods? Their liability limits can be quite low, and determining responsibility for damage can be challenging. This uncertainty could have severe consequences for your business. Our tailored policies offer extensive all-risk coverage, ensuring your shipments are protected from potential losses. With our insurance, you can have peace of mind knowing that your cargo is secure throughout its journey, from start to finish. Don’t take chances with your valuable cargo. Let us provide you with the protection your business deserves.


SinoArab's Freight Process

Experience a hassle-free journey for your goods with our Freight Process. From planning and documentation to shipping and customs, we ensure smooth journey. Trust SinoArab for a reliable and efficient freight experience.

Route planning

Strategic Route Planning

Our team plans the optimal overland route for your cargo, considering factors such as distance, terrain, and potential logistical challenges. This ensures that your shipment takes the most efficient path to its destination.

Cargo forwarding

Secure Cargo Packaging

We take great care in packaging your goods securely, using materials and techniques that can withstand the rigors of transport. This guarantees that your cargo arrives at its endpoint in the same condition it was loaded.

Loading & unloading

Efficient Loading & Unloading

Our professionals are well-versed in the loading and unloading process, ensuring that your cargo is handled with care and precision. This minimizes the risk of damage during transit.

Fast delivery

Precise Transit Management

We oversee every stage of the journey, from departure to arrival, ensuring that the transit process is as smooth and timely as possible. Our team's vigilant management minimizes the chances of delays.

Custom clearance

Seamless Customs Handling

Crossing borders can be complex, but our experienced team manages all necessary customs procedures. This ensures that your cargo encounters minimal hold-ups during cross-border movement, keeping the journey on track.


Timely Delivery Assurance

Above all, we promise timely delivery of cargo to its final destination. This allows you to confidently plan and fulfill commitments, knowing that your shipments will arrive when expected. Our commitment to seamless process extends to final delivery.